Paramedic – Diploma


The goal of HCI College's Paramedic Program is to produce competent, paramedics to serve in career positions in the state of Florida. In accordance with the most current National EMS Education Standards this goal will be accomplished through the following objectives:

To prepare the student to demonstrate the cognitive ability to comprehend, apply, and evaluate the clinical information relative to their role as an entry-level Paramedic

To prepare the student to demonstrate technical and entry-level proficiency in all psychomotor skills necessary to fulfill the role of Paramedic

To assure that the student will, as a Paramedic, demonstrate affective personal behaviors consistent with professional demeanor

To prepare the student to manage a team of rescuers, to supervise and perform assessment of the scene and patient, and to apply current patient care protocols given a pre-hospital emergency scenario

To assure that the student will contribute in a positive manner to the learning environment, will be an active participant in the teaching and learning process, and will seek learning opportunities outside of the classroom

To prepare the student to demonstrate clinical competence while assigned patient care responsibilities

To familiarize the student with the hospital environment. This includes but is not limited to: policies, practices, equipment, and skills as they relate directly and/or indirectly to the Paramedic in the field